In a world full of vampyres, being human is all too dangerous.
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 D'Metri the Hypocrite

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PostSubject: D'Metri the Hypocrite   Sat Apr 12, 2008 3:35 pm

Name: D'Metri Ensnara
Nickname: D
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Hair: Silver
Eyes: Red
Build: 6', slender

Species: Necromancer
State: Willing, wants to be a vampyre

Being a necromancer

Necromancer wannabees
Vampyre wannabees
Tea (heh heh)

Family: None he knows of.
History: 2012
A breeze blew my hair back, as someone walked into the club. I was surprised to see Vivian, the richest girl on this side of New York. Her dad owned the biggest news station, and they had the biggest pent house you'll ever see, filled with gold, silver, crystal, diamonds, and maids for Vivian.
But god was she beautiful. I smiled just looking at her. What was she doing in this run-down club filled with goth freaks and emo guys cutting themselves in corners? This was not the place for a girl like her. So I got off my stool and started to walk towards her.
As I got closer, I yelled, "Vivian!" She turned her head towards me, her blonde hair swirling around her face like an angel.
"Do I know you?" she asked uncertainly, in a voice that sounded like bells chiming. I loved the sound.
"Um, no," I began. "But I know you."
"Everyone knows me," she said, pushing her hair over her shoulder. I reached out and grabbed her hand.
"You can get to know me... if you want to," I said in a low voice, murmuring in her ear. "It's your choice."
We stayed at the nearby Hilton that night, and I swear to god it was the best night of my life. The next day, once she had gone back home to her pent house, I just sat on a chair, smiling and thinking about what had happened. I felt like a kid who had just been told that he was going to rule the world someday. Giddy. High.
I knew I loved her more than anything else.

I stood in the alley, looking at Vivian. Her eyes, her eyes... the narrow slits looked at me accusingly, hate-filled, as though that night a year ago had never happened. The parasite wanted her to rip my throat out... but she wouldn't let it take over. And even if it did, she would die from my poison gland, the only thing that could kill her. Because the same time she turned into a vampyre, I turned into a necromancer.
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D'Metri the Hypocrite
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