In a world full of vampyres, being human is all too dangerous.
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 Mist underconsruction

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Sin & Deskar

Sin & Deskar

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PostSubject: Mist underconsruction   Sat Apr 19, 2008 6:12 pm

Name: Sorrow Shine Mist
Nickname: Mist. My mist. the Shine. The Sorrow in my eyes. The death. the danger. The bad boy till the end
Age: (Your characters age)
Gender: Male

Species: human

Site of the Heart - At times Mist is able to See into the soul and hearts of the people around him. it is allmost inposable to lie to him even if its half the truth.
With Life - he may be human but he Grows the power under Stress to elimante Most people that will try to harm him or his Child Lith

bad girls.
the Twins
The night.
Stars and there firey marble!

Hair - short. silver
Eyes - Pink
Build - Slim, he has a ear ring on the tip of his elf looking ears

Family: lives with his children he is Dieing from his own hate.
Dead from birth
Personality: Dead

Schooling - Privet school no one knows it.

Mists looks.

Lith is on the left and Kaia is on the right
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Mist underconsruction
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