In a world full of vampyres, being human is all too dangerous.
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 The Vampyre Parasite

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PostSubject: The Vampyre Parasite   Sat Apr 12, 2008 11:36 am

Long, long ago, before time even existed and the universe had not yet been created, there were the parasites. These creatures lived in the Realm of Darkness, where light never shone down on the parasites. They were blood-suckers, white as an albino, with long fangs that curved down their chin, scraping their skin. Otherwise known as the vampyres.

Now, it's 2013. The microscopic parasites that create the vampyres were buried deep into the Earth after the universe was made. They live below us, and we walk around, unknowing of the danger. They've overrun plenty of other planets before, scattered throughout the universe. And they are coming back up.

In the 13th year of the new millenium, they emerge, attacking only the strongest, the ones who will be good hosts to the parasite. They've been formed to look like normal humans. The only physical difference is that their eyes, the pupils, are thin slits, only letting in the most minimal amount of light. The parasite did not know the Earth was so bright with its sun.

The mental difference is huge. The only thing most vampyres can think of is to attack and drink. That is what their lives depend on. But a few handful of the vampyres are different. They try to act like normal, but the urge to feed is always there, haunting, in the back of their minds.

Enter the Necromancers. They, too, are humans taken over by parasites. But instead these parasites give their hosts powers beyond imagining, the power to destroy the vampyre parasite. The only problem is that there are only a handful of necromancers in the world, a hundred at most.

The world s being taken over. Will you help send it over the edge, or save it from extinction?
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The Vampyre Parasite
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