In a world full of vampyres, being human is all too dangerous.
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 Ferrari the Physco

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Age : 29
Location : School, Home, Streets, no matter where i am i am killing someone
Registration date : 2008-04-12

PostSubject: Ferrari the Physco   Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:41 pm

Name: Ferrari Swam
Nickname: Ferri, F, Freak
Age: 17 (really 345)
Species: Vampyre
Gift: Can make people do what she wants (like if they offer her drugs or something she can say "No, go away, jump of a building." and then about a minute later, that same dude, is 200 feet from a large building. dead)
Bomb shells (a little ball, that when thrown will expolde, and turn into a dozen trillion, little balls, killing everything, and anything. And if anything or anyone was missed, the'll definataly be dead when they come back)

famous people
good people
agrogant people
Girly girls

Hair - Black, long
Eyes - Red
Build - Slim, Palid, 5'7"

Family: A loving mother
I looked down at the dead child. A smiled cracked on my face. He was drained, and lifless. His eyes had rolled back in his head. I kicked the little kid, and walked home. My sword hit my leg, as i walked, i kept staring ahead. No sounds of the sirens, or the feminene shreiks made me turn around. I walked. My back straight. my senses all alert. I was still hungry. The parasite in me danced in my half full stomache.
As i opened my apartment door, i noticed a little girl, my age trying to find her key in her purse. It was obviously missing. I walked in and closed my front door. I threw down my bloody bag, and sat on the couch. I still heard fumbling around, out side. I heard a knock on my door. I slowly walked taking my time. I felt my mangled fangs, with my tounge.
I opened the door. And guess who. It was the same girl.
"Hey, um. I lost my key. do you mind if i stay here?" she asked not looking at me, and my beautiful palid face, but her ugly dirty bag. I took out my sword, silently, and then brought it over my head. I looked evily at the stupid girl and in my velevet voice i said, "Oh, my i don't think so. But i'll be sure you get a good night's rest..." I brought the sword down in a swift movement, first slashing in down the middle, and then cutting off her head. As her body sank i grabbed her shoulders, and threw my face in her neck. The blood ran down my cheek, to my chin, and then fell to my knees. Once her body was drained. i took out my gun, while whipping my face, i shot multiple bullets all over her shrivled body. I threw her body down the stairs, and cleaned up the blood by my front door.
When my mom got home, she smelled the old blood and laughed half-heartedly, and gave me a hug. My parasite was happy. But i still wasn't i was still thirsty.
Personality: Mean, Evil, Heartless, Unforgiving, Horrible, Thinks she's better than everyone , Hates everyone

School - I go to the local school, as the smartest kid in class. Everyone hates me, I hate veryone. I sit alone at lunch, and kill someone who got on my nerves that day for my lunch.

Wears: Black, White. Long shirts, and short shirts. Ties.

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Ferrari the Physco
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